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Heating Glass can upgrade any historic building to be Net Zero Buildings by eliminating fossil fuel heating systems. Radiant Heated glass is a tempered piece of glass with an invisible metal coating. The resistive qualities of the coating creates radiant heat when a controlled electric current is applied to the conductive coating. The electric current in the resistive coating generates radiant energy which warms the glass until the glass radiates heat in the infrared range. The radiant heat does not directly heat the air. Radiant heated glass heats the objects and people in the room and has an efficiency at least 25% greater than forced hot air systems.

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IMPORTANT NEWS FOR BUILDING OWNERS - DEVELOPERS - ARCHITECTS - THIS VIDEO EXPLAINS HOW : Radiant Heating Glass as Part of a Building Window and Heating Systems Can Be Financed for Up to 20 Years with Innovative Pace Financing

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ArcClad technology

ArcClad technology
IQ Radiant Heated Glass Window Systems can play a significant role in the restoration and adaptive reuse of historic school and university buildings. With designated near-off-site solar, IQ can assist your architectural in bringing your historic campus to Near or Net Zero. The “Getting to Zero” banner above will link to more information.
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Combined with IQ Radiant Glass™ Window Systems , you can have R- values unmatched by any other window, regardless of frame material. In fact, the radiant glass can become the primary heating system eliminating the need for radiators or forced air. We can prove it with a thermal analysis of your custom design. If you are an architect, designer or construction professional, we encourage you to take the free AIA Continuing Education Course on Radiant Heated Glass Technology with the link below to the right - Contact: 610.896.3608 or sales@woodwindows.com

IQ Radiant Heating Glass Window Systems

IQ Radiant Heating Glass Window Systems
Radiant Heated Glass For Historic Preservation - Saving The Terra Cotta Army

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